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21 Best Marcus Aurelius Meditations Books Pdf

  The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius was a great Roman Emperor. He born on 26th April 121 and died 17th March 180. He was one of so-called Good Five Emperors in the world. King Aurelius ruled from 161 to 180(AD) with Antonius Pius and Commodus. Philosopher Aurelius wrote personal philosophical writings which later get popularity as Marcus Aurelius Meditations Books. After the death of the king, an artist built Marcus Aurelius sculpture in front of his living room.

Marcus Aurelius best Meditations Books Pdf

He won many wars during his reign. His administrative ideology is now practiced by all. Marcus Aurelius was a good-hearted man. The king had an interest in literature and he got the reputation of a Philosopher king. All the writings of Marcus Aurelius were greatly appreciated by his civilians. In this post, we will publish 29 best meditation books by Marcus Aurelius.

Marcus Aurelius Book

During the military troop training for his kingdom, he wrote many philosophical quotes. Which are known as Marcus Aurelius Quotes. Later Marcus Aurelius writings were acquired as a Meditation Book by Marcus Aurelius. From different sources, we learned that Marcus Aurelius writings were split into different books. Here is the list of Marcus Aurelius Books below. You can get thee books by clicking the book name.

  1. Meditations Book by Marcus Aurelius.
  2. The essential Marcus Aurelius Book 2008.
  3. Stoic Six Pack Book by Marcus Aurelius 2008.
  4. The Thoughts Book by Marcus Aurelius.
  5. Marcus Aurelius in love Book by Marcus Aurelius.
  6. Stoicism for Beginners: 100 Stoic Quotes on Bravery, Overcoming Obstacles and How to Live.
  7. The Meditations: An Emperor’s Guide to Mastery Book by Marcus Aurelius and Sam Torode.
  8. Pensamentos Book by Marcus Aurelius.
  9. Meditations in Verse: The Sonnets of Marcus Aurelius Book by Marcus Aurelius.
  10. Meditations: Large Print Book by Marcus Aurelius.
  11. Marcus Aurelius: 100 Quotes on Strength and Honour (Meditations) Book by Marcus Aurelius.
  12. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Book by Marcus Aurelius.
  13. Essential Stoic Philosophy: All in One Stoicism.
  14. Meditations and de Vita Beata.
  15. The Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius – Scholar’s Choice Edition.
  16. Adapted for the Contemporary Reader –  Marcus Aurelius Meditations.
  17. Virtue: An Essential Stoic Companion.
  18. Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius – Timeless Classic Books.
  19. Helpful Thoughts from the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus.
  20. The Fourth Book of the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus.
  21.  As Above, So Below – Marcus Aurelius Meditations.

These are the Top 21 Books by Marcus Aurelius Meditations Series. Those were made based on Marcus Aurelius writings. I hope You will get proper self-improvement philosophical instructions by Marcus Aurelius on these books.

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