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Book Donation Bins Near Me USA and UK

I know you have come to this page by searching Book Donation Bins Near Me.donation is a kind of gift that helps someone or something known/unknown.  After making any kind of donation you will get the pleasure of doing something well for mankind. And you are going to have this feeling. I am sure you will say yourself I am feeling very well after going to a book donation drop box near me.

book donation drop box near me
Book Donation Centers list

Almost all we have many books or at least one unused book that we do not read regularly or already read this book. What do we do with these old books? Just keep them on shelves to decorate our room. We could do something great to mankind by used book drop off. Do you know? You are helping others by donating your books to the nearest charity book bins.

How Your Book Donation Could Help Others?

There are many non-profit organizations that receive your book and sell them online. With the profit from sold books, they help orphan children and development for society or world. Each and every Organization has their own motto few works on children, few on developing country etc. Whatever the motto; every charity organization works for a better world.

So, please change your mind. Ask yourself; which one would be the nearest book donation drop off box near me. If you fail to remember then I am here to help you find all book donation drop box, book donation center, book donation sites, and book donation libraries in your area. Before giving you the locations of book drop box I am introducing you with few book donation charity organizations, book donation libraries and book donation websites that receive old books.

List of Book Donation Organization in USA and UK

There are many organization and charity that receives old books. But will share a few best charity, organization, sites that really help people by selling or donating your old books. While making the list I also considered the number of book donation bins or book donation drop box that organization has.  I found many book donation organizations but after doing an extensive research found only two organizations that really working properly. And they are

  1. BetterWorldBooks
  2. Charityofhopes

The Motto of these Book Donation organization

Betterworldbooks has more than 1000 Book Bins in different Cities of the United States and the United Kingdom. By selling donated textbooks or old books; they raise funds for non-profit literacy organizations that work for supporting families, donating books to libraries and teaching kids etc. If you are thinking what to do with used books, old textbooks, old books then you might donate your books to Betterworldbooks or Charityofhopes.  I think now you have got another answer regarding where can I donate books?

If you do not believe these organizations at all then you can donate books to prison or donate books to the library near to you. Well, I guess you are now thinking about book giveaways locations or blue boxes near you.

Locations of Book Bins in the United States

There are 50 states in the United States and the mentioned two organizations have book drop boxes in some States. Below are the states where you will be able to find book bins in the USA.

Donation Drop Box in Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts,  Ohio, Donation Drop Box in Connecticut, California, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado, Kansas City, Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina (16), Kentucky, Missouri, New Jersey, Virginia etc.

To get the exact location please click on the link below

Location of Book Donation Bins in the USA

Locations of Book Bins in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, there are some books drop off bins where you can donate your used books. If you are near to Scotland and England then you can easily donate your book to your nearest book bins.

Click the link below to navigate the closer book bins to you

Location of Book Donation Bins in the UK

Above are the easiest locations of the book donation bins near me where you can recycle books in that you don’t need anymore. I think you have now the locations near to you and you will donate books for the children.

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