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Different Classes of Bangladesh Train Ticket

AC_B, AC_S, F_BERTH, F_SEAT, SNIGDHA, SULOV, S_CHAIR are well-known shortcodes of Bangladesh Railway Train Ticket. These codes represent the classification of seats in Bangladesh Railway. Because of dust and traffic jam-free traveling system, almost all we try to travel through Bangladesh Railway Train. Passage system of Bangladesh Railway becomes overcrowded during festival seasons and most of us get puzzled while purchasing internal bd Train tickets using these AC_B, AC_S, F_Berth, F_SEAT, SNIGDHA, etc. shortcodes.  In this post, I will try to highlight and give you a proper idea about Bangladesh Train Ticket Classes.

Different Classes of Bangladesh Train Ticket

Bangladesh Train Ticket Classes

There are nine types of tickets available in Bangladesh Train Ticket selling system. I am publishing a chart of Bangladesh Railway Train Ticket bd classification which will help you to understand the naming system and short facilities provided on each class of Bd Train Ticket.


Train Ticket Code Meaning of Codes Seat Type Air Conditioning System Sleeping Accommodation Class of Seats
AC_B AC Berth A/C Cabin Yes Yes 1st Class AC
AC_S AC Seat A/C Cabin (day time) Yes No 1st Class AC
SNIGDHA Snigdha Adjustable Chair Yes No 1st Class AC
F_BERTH First Class Berth Non A/C Cabin No Yes 1st Class
F_SEAT First Class Seat Non A/C Cabin (day time) No No 1st Class
F_CHAIR First Class Chair Adjustable Chair No No 1st Class
S_CHAIR Shovon Chair Adjustable Chair No No 2nd class
SHOVON Shovon Plain Chair No No 2nd Class
SULOV Sulov Wooden Bench No No 3rd Class

I hope this chart has given you a short idea on Bangladeshi train ticket classification. Not satisfied with this information?  Grab a cup of tea and read the full facilities given on each type of seats in Bangladesh Train from the section below.

Bangladesh Train Ticket Class Details

So far as I know there are nine classes of seats available in Railway train ticket bd. Depending on the distance of the journey and the available capacity of the train seats; theses classes are added to a train. All these classes are not available in one train. One train may have few classes of seats mentioned above. Well, now let’s know which kings of facilities are given on each class of tickets by Bangladesh Railway.

AC_B: Meaning of AC_B in Bangladesh Train seat is Air Conditioned Berth. AC_B is a totally private air-conditioned cabin for night time travel. It is the highest class seat/cabin available in long-distance Intercity Meter Gauge and Broad Gauge Trains. These cabins seats have ample legroom, well-sleeping accommodation, carpeted floor and best to maintain privacy. There are also two types of AC_B Cabins. One has two seats and another has four seats. It’s better to buy AC_B train ticket directly from your nearest Railway Station because sometimes people get two tickets in different cabins while they purchase train ticket online.

AC_S: Meaning of AC_S in Bangladesh Train Seat is Air Conditioned Seat. It has the same facilities as a well-decorated cabin and personal coupes. Basically, AC_B cabin becomes AC_S in day coaches. You are not allowed to sleep in this cabin. Only you can sleep if you book all the seats of the cabin. Cabins are distributed as 3 seats and 6 seats. Buying AC_S seat would not be a good idea if you are traveling single. For single person travel, I prefer Snigdha seats.

F_BERTH: F_Berth is another first-class coach in Bangladesh Railway. Facilities of this seater coach are the same as AC_B except for the air conditioning system. All are same just it’s not air-conditioned. Keep in mind that berth Means CABIN in Bangladesh Railway. However, F_Berth is not air-conditioned but it’s good for privacy and nice sleeping accommodation.

F_SEAT: F_Seat is a non-air-conditioned first-class train cabin. This seater coach is available in day-time travel. There is no legroom and sleeping system in this cabin. Except Air-Condition, it has all features as  AC_S Cabin.

F_CHAIR: F_Chair means First Chair. Few Intercity and Express train offers F_Chair seats in Day time. In a broad gauge train, there are 5 seats in a row and in meter gauge trains there are 4 seats in a row. You will love to travel on this well-cushioned adjustable chair.

SNIGDHA: Snigdha is the most popular Air-Conditioned first-class seat in Bangladesh railway. People love to buy Singdha seats for a long journey. Nice adjustable chair coach, fresh environment, extra passengers are not allowed to stay here during the journey. All-time you will get a special guard and conductor for all types of your need.

S_CHAIR: S_CHAIR stands for Shovon Chair. It is the most popular 2nd class non-A/C seat. It is the seater coach that loved by middle-class passengers. There is no A/C here but because of its cheap price with a nice cushioned adjustable chair is loved by mass people and hence it is one of the crowded Coach on the train.  There 5 seats on broad gauge and 4 seats on meter gauge train on these coaches. Almost all intercity, mail and express trains have Shovon Chair.

SHOVON: Shovon is one of the cheapest class coaches in Bangladesh Railway. Although seats cushioned but are not adjustable, it is the place for standing passengers. This is why you will have face odor coming from all passenger. Truly to say journey on Shovon Class is not comfortable. You should never buy Shovon tickets. But if you are young enough and you have 7-10 friends with you then you can travel on Shovon coach. You will enjoy a lot by singing group songs, playing card and more.

SULOV: Sulov is the cheapest class on Bangladesh train ticket. All local trains have sulov tickets. Seats are sometimes made of wood, plastic, and steel.  You don’t need to worry about the ticket on this coach because you won’t get a seat here. In my thought, this is the most crowded place it the Eart.

Always try to use Bangladesh train ticket booking system one week before your journey. You can use Rail Sheba apk for purchasing Bangladesh railway ticket. I hope you read the full seating system of Bangladesh train. If you think the information stated above here helpful then share this with your friends.


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  1. Asadul Islam

    How many seats in a Ac_B cabin?
    And is the price which showing in the Rail Sheba app is only for one seat?

  2. Md. Zubair Hoque

    Very good information, Mostafizur. Thanks a lot.
    Hope you will update the information periodically.


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