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Download An Antarctic Mystery Book Pdf Jules Verne

An Antarctic Mystery Pdf

An Antarctic Mystery (French: Le Sphinx des glaces, The Sphinx of the Ice Fields) is a two-volume novel by Jules Verne. Written in 1897, it is a response to Edgar Allan Poe’s 1838 novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. It follows the adventures of the narrator and his journey from the Kerguelen Islands aboard Halbrane. Neither Poe nor Verne had actually visited the remote Kerguelen Islands, located in the south Indian Ocean,[1] but their works are some of the few literary (as opposed to exploratory) references to the archipelago.

An Antarctic Mystery Book

An Antarctic Mystery Summary

The story is set in 1839, eleven years after the events in Arthur Gordon Pym, one year after the publication of that book. The narrator is a wealthy American Jeorling, who has entertained himself with private studies of the wildlife on the Kerguelen Islands and is now looking for a passage back to the USA. Halbrane is one of the first ships to arrive at Kerguelen, and its captain Len Guy somewhat reluctantly agrees to have Jeorling as a passenger as far as Tristan da Cunha. Underway, they meet a stray iceberg with a dead body on it, which turns out to be a sailor from Jane. A note found with him indicates that he and several others including Jane’s captain William Guy had survived the assassination attempt at Tsalal and are still alive.

Details An Antarctic Mystery Book Pdf

Name Of the Novel: An Antarctic Mystery Book
Author: Jules Verne
Original title: Autour de la Lune
Country: France
Language: French
Original title: Le Sphinx des glaces
Series: The Extraordinary Voyages #44
Genre: Adventure novel
Publisher: Pierre-Jules Hetzel
Publication date: 1897
Published in English 1898
Media type: Print (Hardback)
Preceded by: Clovis Dardentor
Followed by: The Mighty Orinoco
Book Type: Pdf / ePub

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