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Download Ange Pitou Pdf Book By Alexandre Dumas

Ange Pitou Pdf

Angel Pitou is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, published in 1850. Written in collaboration with Auguste Maquet and published as a serial in La Presse in 1850 and 1851, this novel is the third part of a series entitled Memoirs of a Doctor, the first part of which is entitled Joseph Balsamo and which continues with The Necklace of the Queen, Ange Pitou and The Countess of Charny.

Ange Pitou

Ange Pitou Summary

A young orphan, as brave as happy, Angel Pitou was collected and raised by his aunt Angelique. After mediocre studies in a religious college, he is hosted by Billot, a farmer from Villers-Cotterets, who one day takes the young man to Paris. They arrive in the capital July 13, 1789, in a city shaken violent events of the Revolution. They learn from Sebastien, the son of Dr. Gilbert, that the latter is imprisoned in the Bastille. The doctor, a friend of Billot, has just returned from America where he put his talents as a doctor and philosopher in the service of the American Revolution. Considered subversive and dangerous by the power in place, he was imprisoned without further ado. Billot, flanked by Ange Pitou and helped by the people of Paris, puts all his ingenuity into constructing a plan to attack the Bastille and liberate the doctor. Billot and Angel Pitou fight with courage, side by side, during the taking of the Bastille.

Details Ange Pitou Pdf Book

Name Of the Novel: Ange Pitou
Author: Alexandre Dumas
Country: France
Genre: Roman history
Release date: 1850
Series: Memoirs of a doctor
Book Type: Pdf / ePub

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