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Download Bend Sinister Pdf Book By Vladimir Nabokov

Bend Sinister Pdf

Bend Sinister is a dystopian novel written by Vladimir Nabokov during the years 1945 and 1946 and published by Henry Holt and Company in 1947. It was Nabokov’s second English-language novel and eleventh overall. A “bend sinister” is a heraldic charge: a bar drawn from the upper right to the lower left on a coat of arms (from the point of view of the person facing the shield). Abend, the standard stripe on a coat of arms, is the reverse: It crosses from the right shoulder of the wearer to the lower left side of the trunk. A standard bend is sometimes called a bend dexter to distinguish it from the bend sinister.

Bend Sinister

Bend Sinister Summary

This book takes place in a fictitious European city known as Padukgrad, where a government arises following the rise of a philosophy known as “Ekwilism”, which discourages the idea of anyone being different from anyone else and promotes the state as the prominent good in society. The story begins with the protagonist, Adam Krug, who had just lost his wife to an unsuccessful surgery. He is quickly asked to sign and deliver a speech to the leader of the new government by the head of the university and his colleagues, but he refuses. This government is led by a man named Paduk and his “Party of the Average Man.” As it happens, the world-renowned philosopher Adam Krug was, in his youth, a classmate of Paduk, at which period he had bullied him and referred to him disparagingly as “the Toad”. Paduk arrests many of the people close to Krug and those against his Ekwilist philosophy and attempts to get the influential Professor Krug to promote the state philosophy to help stomp out dissent and increase his personal prestige.

Details Bend Sinister Pdf Book

Name Of the Novel: Bend Sinister
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Country: France
Language: English
Genre: Dystopian fiction
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
Publication date: 1947
Book Type: Pdf / ePub

Download Bend Sinister Full Pdf Book

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