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Download Brand Pdf Book By Henrik Ibsen

Brand Pdf

Brand is a play by Henrik Ibsen. It is a verse tragedy, written in 1865 and first performed in Stockholm, Sweden on 24 March 1867. Brand was an intellectual that provoked much original thought. Brand is a priest who wants to take consequence of his choices, and is therefore deeply bound to doing the “right thing”. He believes primarily in the will of man, and lives by the device “all or nothing”. To make compromises is therefore difficult, or by his moral standards questionable at best. His picture of God is clearly derived from the Old Testament. His beliefs render him lonely in the end, as the people around him, when put to the test, as a rule, can not or will not follow his example. Brand is arguably a young idealist with a main purpose: to save the world, or at least Man’s soul. His visions are great, but his judgment of others may seem harsh and unfair.


Brand Summary

At the beginning of the play, we find Brand in the mountains, and confronting three different kinds of people: a farmer, who doesn’t dare to brave an unsure glacier on behalf of his dying daughter; the crazy beggar-girl Gerd, who claims to know a bigger church in the hills, and hunts for a great hawk; and finally, Einar, a young painter with an easy-going attitude, and his fiancée, Agnes. Einar and Brand were in school together, and their conversation ends in a long discussion about the envisioning of God. Brand taunts Einar for portraying God as an old man, who “sees through his fingers”, and wants to envision God as a young, heroic savior. He means that people have become too sloppy about their sins and shortcomings, because of the dogma that Christ, through his sacrifice, cleansed humanity once and for all. In the end, Brand vows to take a fight, mainly in his own soul, with those three “minds” he just met: The lazy mind (the farmer), the wild mind (Gerd), and the easy-goer (Einar). He ponders Man’s purpose, and the difference between what is, and what should be. Here, we find the famous sentence: What you are, be full, not in parts and pieces.

Details Brand Pdf Book

Name Of the Novel: Brand
Author: Henrik Ibsen
Language: English
Gener: Tragedy
Publication date: 1865
Pages: 339
Book Type: Pdf / ePub

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