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Download Captain Brassbound’s Conversion Pdf Book By George Bernard Shaw

Captain Brassbound’s Conversion Pdf

Captain Brassbound’s Conversion (1900) is a play by G. Bernard Shaw. It was published in Shaw’s 1901 collection Three Plays for Puritans (together with Caesar and Cleopatra and The Devil’s Disciple). The first American production of the play starred Ellen Terry in 1907. The play explores the relationship between the law, justice, revenge, and forgiveness.

Captain Brassbound's Conversion

Captain Brassbound’s Conversion Summary

ACT I, Mogador, Morocco. Sir Howard Hallam, a judge, and his sister-in-law, Lady Cicely Waynflete, a well-known explorer, are at the home of Rankin, a Presbyterian minister. Rankin knows Sir Howard as the brother of an old friend, Miles Hallam, who moved to Brazil after marrying a local woman. Sir Howard tells Rankin that his brother’s property was illicitly seized after his death by his widow’s family, but Sir Howard has now recovered it. Lady Cicely decides to explore Morocco with Sir Howard. They are advised to take an armed escort. This can be organized by Captain Brassbound, a smuggler who owns a ship called Thanksgiving. When Brassbound arrives, he warns Sir Howard that in the mountain-country justice is ruled by codes of honor, not law courts.

Details Captain Brassbound’s Conversion Pdf Book

Name Of the Novel: Captain Brassbound’s Conversion
Author: George Bernard Shaw
Date premiered: 16 December 1900 (Stage Society)
Place premiered: Royal Strand Theatre
Original language English
Subject: An aggrieved captain is persuaded to forego revenge
Genre: melodrama/problem play
Setting: Morocco
Book Type: Pdf / ePub

Download Captain Brassbound’s Conversion Full Pdf Book

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