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Download Echoes Of The War Pdf Book By James Matthew Barrie

Echoes Of The War Pdf

J. M. Barrie wrote plays to promote support for the war to end all wars. Yet they are not plays about war, but rather about parents and the children they send off to war. Though intended to foster support for WWI, from today’s vantage point they can just as easily be interpreted as anti-war.

Echoes Of The War

Echoes Of The War Summary

Three nice old ladies and a criminal, who is even nicer, are discussing the war over a cup of tea. The criminal, who is the hostess, calls it a dish of tea, which shows that she comes from Caledonia; but that is not her crime. They are all London charwomen, but three of them, including the hostess, are what are called professionally ‘charwomen and’ or simply ‘and.’ An ‘and’ is also a caretaker when required; her name is entered as such in ink in a registry book, financial transactions take place across a counter between her and the registrar, and altogether she is of a very different social status from one who, like Mrs. Haggerty, is a charwoman but nothing else. Mrs. Haggerty, though present, is not at the party by invitation; having seen Mrs. Dowey buying the wrinkles, she followed her downstairs, so has shuffled into the play and sat down in it against our wish. We would remove her by force, or at least print her name in small letters, were it not that she takes offense very readily and says that nobody respects her. So, as you have slipped in, you sit there, Mrs. Haggerty; but keep quiet.

Details Echoes Of The War Pdf Book

Name Of the Novel: Echoes Of The War
Author: James Matthew Barrie
Country: United State
Language: English
Publication date: 1918
Editor: James Matthew Barrie
Media type: Print (hardcover)
Book Type: Pdf / ePub

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