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Download From The Earth To The Moon Book Pdf Jules Verne

From The Earth To The Moon Pdf

From the Earth to the Moon (French: De la terre à la lune) is an 1865 novel by Jules Verne. It tells the story of the Baltimore Gun Club, a post-American Civil War society of weapons enthusiasts, and their attempts to build an enormous Columbiad space gun and launch three people—the Gun Club’s president, his Philadelphian armor-making rival, and a French poet—in a projectile with the goal of a moon landing. The story is also notable in that Verne attempted to do some rough calculations as to the requirements for the cannon and in that, considering the comparative lack of empirical data on the subject at the time, some of his figures are remarkably accurate. However, his scenario turned out to be impractical for safe manned space travel since a much longer muzzle would have been required to reach escape velocity while limiting acceleration to survivable limits for the passengers.

From The Earth To The Moon Book

From The Earth To The Moon Summary

The story opens some time after the end of the American Civil War. The Baltimore Gun Club, a society dedicated to the design of weapons of all kinds (especially cannons), comes together when Impey Barbicane, its president, calls them to support his latest idea. He’s done some calculations, and believes that they could construct a cannon capable of shooting a projectile to the moon. After receiving the support of his companions, another meeting is held to decide the place from which the projectile will be fired, the dimensions and materials of both the cannon and the projectile, and which kind of powder they are to use.

Details From The Earth To The Moon Book Pdf Book

Name Of the Novel: From The Earth To The Moon Book
Author: Jules Verne
Country: France
Language: French
Original title: De la terre à la lune
Series: Voyages Extraordinaires #4
Genre: Science fiction
Publisher: Pierre-Jules Hetzel
Publication date: 1865
Published in English 1867
Media type: Print (Hardback)
Preceded by: Journey to the Center of the Earth
Book Type: Pdf / ePub

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