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Download King Leopold’s Soliloquy Book by Mark Twain Pdf

King Leopold’s Soliloquy

King Leopold’s Soliloquy is a 1905 pamphlet by Mark Twain. Its subject is King Leopold’s rule over the Congo Free State. A work of political satire harshly condemnatory of his actions, it ostensibly recounts a fiction monologue of Leopold II speaking in his own defense.

King Leopold’s Soliloquy Summary

King Leopold II raves madly about the good things that he says he has done for the people of the Congo Free State, including the disbursement of millions on religion and art. He says he had come to Congo with piety “oozing” from “every pore”, that he had only wanted to convert the people to Christianity, that he had wanted to stop the slave trade. Leopold II says that he did not take any of the government money, that he did not use the revenues as his personal “swag”, and that such claims by the “meddlesome American missionaries”, “frank British consuls”, and “blabbing Belgian-born traitors” are wholly false. He asserts that for a king to be criticized as he has been blasphemy—surely, under the rule of God, any king who was not doing God’s will would not have been helped by God.

Details Of King Leopold’s Soliloquy Book by Mark Twain Pdf

Name Of the Novel: King Leopold’s Soliloquy
Author: Mark Twain
Country: America
Language: English
Genre: Adventure
Publication date: 1905
Text: King Leopold’s Soliloquy Book by Mark Twain PDF
Book Type: Pdf / ePub

Download King Leopold’s Soliloquy Book by Mark Twain Pdf

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