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Download La Légende Des Siècles Pdf Book By Victor Hugo

La Légende Des Siècles Pdf

La Légende des siècles (The Legend of the Ages) is a collection of poems by Victor Hugo, conceived as an immense depiction of the history and evolution of humanity. Written intermittently between 1855 and 1876 while Hugo worked in exile on numerous other projects, the poems were published in three series in 1859, 1877, and 1883. Bearing witness to the unparalleled poetic talent evident in all Hugo’s art, the Légende des Siècles is often considered the only true French epic and, according to Baudelaire’s formulation, the only modern epic possible.

La Légende Des Siècles

La Légende Des Siècles Summary

The dreaming poet contemplates the “wall of the centuries,” indistinct and terrible, on which scenes of the past, present and future are drawn, and along which the whole long procession of humanity can be seen. The poems are depictions of these scenes, fleetingly perceived and interspersed with terrifying visions. Hugo sought neither historical accuracy nor exhaustiveness; rather, he concentrated on obscure figures, usually his own inventions, who incarnated and symbolized their eras. As he proclaims in the preface to the first series, “this is history, eavesdropped upon at the door of legend.” The poems, by turns lyrical, epic and satirical, form a view of the human experience, seeking less to summarize than to illustrate the history of humanity, and to bear witness to its long journey from the darkness into the light.

Details La Légende Des Siècles Pdf Book

Name Of the Novel: La Légende Des Siècles
Author: Victor Hugo
Original title: La Légende des siècles
Country: France
Language: French
Publisher: Lévy, Hetzel
Publication date: 1859, 1877, 1883
Media type: Print
Pages: 158
Book Type: Pdf / ePub

Download La Légende Des Siècles Full Pdf Book

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