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Download Laughter In The Dark Pdf Book By Vladimir Nabokov

Laughter In The Dark Pdf

Laughter in the Dark (Original Russian title: Камера обскура, Camera obscura) is a novel written by Vladimir Nabokov and serialized in Sovremennye Zapiski in 1932. The first English translation, Camera Obscura, was made by Winifred Roy and published in London in 1936 by Johnathan Long, the paperback imprint of Hutchinson Publishing, with the author credited as Vladimir Nabokoff-Sirin. Nabokov was so displeased by the translation’s quality that he undertook his own, which was published in 1938 under the now common name, Laughter in the Dark. It is sometimes mistakenly assumed that he was not fond of the book, yet in fact, it was based on very personal breakthroughs in his life.

Laughter In The Dark

Laughter In The Dark Summary

Albinus is a respected, reasonably happy married art critic who lives in Berlin. He lusts after the 17-year-old Margot whom he meets at a cinema, where she works and seduces her over the course of many encounters. His prolonged affair with Margot is eventually revealed to Albinus’s wife Elisabeth when Margot deliberately sends a letter to the Albinus’ residence and Albert is unable to intercept it before it is discovered. This results in the dissolution of the Albinus’ marriage. Rather than disown the young troublemaker, he is even more attracted to her. Margot uses him to become a film star, fulfilling her ambition in life. Albinus introduces Margot to Axel Rex, but he does not know that the two have previously been lovers. Margot and Rex resume their relationship and start plotting to get Albinus out of the way and rob him of his money. Rex sees the opportunities that Albinus’s infatuation with Margot produces and understands that even a great risk means little to the blind and helpless, in love, in the loss, and in dwindling fortune.

Details Laughter In The Dark Pdf Book

Name Of the Novel: Laughter In The Dark
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Country: France
Language: English
Genre: Novel
publisher Bobbs-Merrill Company
Publication date: 1932
Book Type: Pdf / ePub

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