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Download Memoirs Of Joseph Grimaldi Book Pdf Charles Dickens

Memoirs Of Joseph Grimaldi Pdf

Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi is the autobiography of the nineteenth-century clown Joseph Grimaldi. In September 1837, Wilks offered the Memoirs to Richard Bentley, publisher of the magazine Bentley’s Miscellany. Bentley bought it, after securing the copyright from Grimaldi’s estate, but he thought it was still too long and also poorly edited, so he asked one of his favorite young writers, the novelist Charles Dickens, then twenty-five years old, to re-edit and re-write it. At first, Dickens was not inclined to take the job, and he wrote to Bentley in October 1837.

Memoirs Of Joseph Grimaldi Book

Memoirs Of Joseph Grimaldi Summary

The book’s accuracy is hard to establish since it went through a number of revisions, not all with Grimaldi’s input. Grimaldi’s original manuscript, which he mostly dictated, was about 400 pages long; he completed it in December 1836. The original “excessively voluminous” version was apparently not good enough for publication, and in early 1837 he signed a contract with a collaborator, the obscure Grub Street writer Thomas Egerton Wilks, to “rewrite, revise, and correct” the manuscript. However, two months after signing the contract, Grimaldi died, and Wilks finished the job on his own, not only cutting and condensing the original but introducing extra material based on his conversations with Grimaldi. Wilks made no indication as to which parts of his production were actually written by Grimaldi and which parts were original to Wilks. He also chose to change Grimaldi’s first-person narration to the third person.

Details Memoirs Of Joseph Grimaldi Book Pdf Book

Name Of the Novel: Memoirs Of Joseph Grimaldi Book
Author: Charles Dickens
Country: England
Language: English
Genre: Autobiography
Publisher: Richard Bentley; London
Publication date: 1838 (in two volumes)
Media type: Print Hardback, and Paperback)
Preceded by: Oliver Twist
Followed by: Nicholas Nickleby
Book Type: Pdf / ePub

Download Memoirs Of Joseph Grimaldi Book by Charles Dickens Pdf Book

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