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Download The Boxcar Children 1 PDF Book By Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Boxcar Children 1

The Boxcar Children is a classic children’s literary franchise originally created and written by the American first-grade school teacher Gertrude Chandler Warner. Today, the series includes well over 150 titles.

The Boxcar Children 1

The Boxcar Children tells the story of four orphans: Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny. In the 1924 version of the tale, the children are orphaned in the first few pages; in the heavily revised and simplified 1942 revision, they have evidently been orphaned for some time. When a baker and his wife learn that the children are orphans, they make plans the children don’t like. In the 1924 edition, they plan to send the children, who live in a house next door to the bakery, to live with their grandfather, but the children have been brought up to fear their grandfather, whom they have never met, because he did not like their parents’ marriage. In the 1942 version, the children are already homeless and wandering around at the start of the story. The baker and his wife plan to take the three elder children, who are old enough to be helpful in the bakery, but to send the youngest, Benny to a orphanage. Finding an abandoned boxcar, the children start a new life of work. Henry ends up working in a nearby town called Silver City for a young doctor called Dr. Moore in order to earn money for food and other things they need. He also does gardening for the doctor’s mother. The children’s lives are nice and full of hard work until Violet becomes ill and they go to the doctor for help. Unbeknownst to the children, by that time the doctor knows very well who they are and where they are living; indeed, he has been keeping a discreet eye on them for weeks. Their grandfather, who lives nearby, has been advertising in the papers, offering a reward for news of them, but the doctor hasn’t wanted to spoil the children’s fun by informing on them. When Violet becomes ill, however, he feels it is time to do so. Their grandfather, James Henry Alden, is a steel baron who comes at once to see them. The doctor suggests that he get to know them first before telling them who he is, so he is simply introduced to them as a friend of the doctor’s. The children warm to his kindness and are surprised but delighted when they eventually learn that he is their much-feared grandfather. They go to live with him after all, and he has the boxcar transferred to his backyard for their enjoyment.

Details Of The Boxcar Children 1 PDF Book

Name Of the Novel: The Boxcar Children 1
Author: Gertrude Chandler Warner
Illustrator:Mike Dubisch
Country: United states
Language: English
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Publisher: Albert Whitman, 2011
Publication date: 1924
Text: The Boxcar Children 1 PDF Book
Book Type: PDF/ ePub

Download The Boxcar Children 1 PDF Book

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