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Download The Chorus Girl Pdf Book By Anton Chekhov

The Chorus Girl Pdf

“The Chorus Girl” (Russian: Хористка, translit. Khoristka) is an 1886 short story by Anton Chekhov. The story was first published in Oskolki’s No. 14 (18 July), 1886 issue, originally titled Pevichka (Певичка). In a radically revised version the story was included into the Posrednik Publishers’ 1893 charitable anthology Put-doroga (Путь-дорога, Long Road, for the benefit of the re-settlers in Russia). Chekhov made some more edits in the text before including it into Volume 2 of his Collected Works, published by Adolf Marks in 1899–1901.

The Chorus Girl

The Chorus Girl Summary

The singer Pasha’s quiet evening together with her ‘fan’ Kolpakov is interrupted by a mysterious visitor, who soon reveals herself to be the latter’s wife. She first demands to see her husband (who’d by now hid in another room), then barrages Pasha with insults and finally demands that she’d return all the gifts that he’d given her, so as to collect the sum of money he appears to have embezzled. Scared and overwhelmed, the girl gives all the presents that she’d received from all of her male ‘guests’, of which only two very modest items had been brought by Kolpakov. After the woman, still rather dissatisfied with what she’d collected, leaves, Pasha tries to reproach her lover, only to be confronted with disdain and high posturing. “And this saintly woman was on the verge of throwing herself on her knees before a lowly worm like you!.. For this, I shall never forgive myself,” he proclaims before departing in disgust.

Details The Chorus Girl Pdf Book

Name Of the Novel: The Chorus Girl
Author: Anton Chekhov
Original title: “Хористка”
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Published in: Oskolki
Publication date: 18 (old style: 5) July 1886
Pages: 160
Book Type: Pdf / ePub

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