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Download The First Men in the Moon Novel by H. G. Wells PDF

The First Men in the Moon

The First Men in the Moon is a scientific romance by the English author H. G. Wells, originally serialized in The Strand Magazine from December 1900 to August 1901 and published in hardcover in 1901, who called it one of his “fantastic stories”.

The First Men in The  Moon Summary

On the way to the moon, they experience weightlessness, which Bedford finds “exceedingly restful”.[6] On the surface of the moon the two men discover a desolate landscape, but as the sun rises, the thin, frozen atmosphere vaporizes and strange plants begin to grow with extraordinary rapidity. Bedford and Cavor leave the capsule, but in romping about get lost in the rapidly growing jungle. They hear for the first time a mysterious booming coming from beneath their feet. They encounter “great beasts”, “monsters of mere fatness”, that they dub “mooncalves”, and five-foot-high “Selenites” tending them. At first, they hide and crawl about, but growing hungry partake of some “monstrous coralline growths” of fungus that inebriate them. They wander drunkenly until they encounter a party of six extraterrestrials, who capture them.[7] The insectoid lunar natives (referred to as “Selenites”, after Selene, the moon goddess) are part of a complex and technologically sophisticated society that lives underground, but this is revealed only in radio communications received from Cavour after Bedford’s return to earth

Details Of The First Men in the Moon Novel by H. G. Wells PDF

Name Of the Novel: The First Men in the Moon Novel
Author: H. G. Wells
Country: England
Language: English
Genre: Science Fiction
Publication date: 1901
Text: Science Fiction
Book Type: Pdf / ePub

Download The First Men in the Moon Novel by H. G. Wells PDF

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