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Download The Lower Depths Gorky Pdf Book By Maxim Gorky

The Lower Depths Gorky Pdf

The Lower Depths (Russian: На дне, Na die, literally: ‘At the bottom’) is perhaps the best known of Maxim Gorky’s plays. It was written during the winter of 1901 and the spring of 1902. Subtitled “Scenes from Russian Life,” it depicted a group of impoverished Russians living in a shelter near the Volga.

the lower depths gorky pdf

Summary of The Lower Depths Gorky

The cellar resembles a cave, with only one small window to illuminate its dank recesses. In a corner, thin boards partition off the room of Vaska, the young thief. In the kitchen live Kvashnya (Dough), a vendor of meat pies, the decrepit Baron, and the streetwalker Nastya. All around the room are bunks occupied by other lodgers.

Details Of The Lower Depths Gorky Pdf Book

Name Of The Book: The Lower Depths Gorky
First performance: 
December 18, 1902
Playwright: Maxim Gorky
Characters: Vaska Ash, Vasilisa Karpovna, Kleshtсh, Mikhail Ivanov Kostylev, Natasha, Medvedev
Adaptations: The Lower Depths (1957), The Lower Depths (1936), Souls on the Road (1921)

Download The Lower Depths Gorky Maxim Gorky

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