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Lord of the Flies Pdf William Golding

Lord of the Flies pdf is a haunting, tragic ebook with such deep hidden meaning. The book was written by Noble Prize-winning author William Golding. Golding reminds us of the depraved human nature of man, and how even the most civilized people can become monsters. You can get the Lord of the Flies Pdf Download ePub Mobi For Free. You are able to get the Lord of the Flies read online option here.Lord of the Files Pdf Download

Lord of the Flies Novel Review

Lord of the flies Pdf by William Golding is a book about a group of schoolboys whose plane gets shot out while they are escaping the atomic war going on around them. They’re placed on an island where they have to make up laws and get their society built up. This book Christian book because the character, Simon, represents the Lord’s son, Jesus. This character Simon likes to be alone says some of the more wise things on this island filled with sin. Such as “there might not be a beast, but the beast could be us”, but sadly no one listens to Simon besides getting mocked as Jesus did when he preached in the Roman cities. Simons fight this so-called beast, aka the Lord Of The Flies (lotf pdf The devil), through a pig’s head, pierced on a stick.

One part of the Lord of the flies ebook represented how Jesus lasted in the desert for Forty days and Forty nights, without food and water. Simon later on in this book tries to calm down the tribal, savage acts that the boys on the island have done, by telling them that the twins (Sam & Eric) have mistaken this so-called beast as a pilot, and these wings were the parachute of this abandoned pilot corpse, but when Simon goes to tell the boys that they have mistaken the beast for the pilot, to calm down this terror on the island, it doesn’t work because the boys are doing this tribal dance shouting “Kill the Beast! Cut His Throat! Spill His Blood!” The boys mistake Simon as the beast and surround him ripping his body apart like they were wild animals, leaving his mangled corpse on the beach. Only a few boys realize what they have done, regret it instantly, and lose their innocence of being a child.

Lord of the Files pdf download

The people that realized what they had done were very dear to Simon, but they fell upon the chanting mob of the enemy tribe which allowed them to go savage, murderous, tribalistic, satanic to their own friend Simon. The reason why these horrific acts happen is because of the lack of enforcing and making laws, the reason why we have a government is to keep the bad from entering our bodies or to limit the amount of cruelness of the human mind. Because of sin, the human mind normally focuses on what is wrong and what is right, but normally man falls for what is wrong and they do this either to get an easier outcome or to hurt the feelings of the other.

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Sadly Lord of the flies read online book represents what would happen without a government and the state of nature of a man with a lack of support, but through children who had to go through something I hope and wish would never happen to me or to anyone else, to go through the feeling of murder and the fact of being scared or the loss of innocence to these children.

So I would have to give this book a solid rating of 9/10, and would download or re-read online Lord of the flies book later on in my life, but would become sad when the grim, dark, evilistic, non-antediluvian people go mentally unstable.

Lord of the Flies Novel Details

Book Name Lord of the Flies
Author William Golding
ISBN 9780399529207
First Published September 17, 1954
Genre Children’s Literature, Rated for 13+ Children’s. 9th-grade book.
Pages 224.
Language English
File Name Lord of the Flies epub
Lord of the Flies pdf
File Size pdf 1.8 Mb.

Lord of The Flies Pdf Download

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