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The Holy Bible Free Download King James Version Pdf

The Bible is a holy book of Christian Religion. In 1611 King James translated Bible in English which is known as King James Bible or the bible King James version. The second line would be the best answer for those who want to know when was the King James Bible written.  On the internet,  if you search for the keyword King James bible pdf or The Holy Bible Free Download King James version pdf you will get lots of versions of the bible book. Few people search for new King James Version pdf as it was the newly translated book of English.

The Holy Bible Free Download King James Version Pdf

The translated Bible book was first printed in the King’s Printer by Robert Barker. It was the 3rd English translation of Bible and was approved by the English Church Authorities. Due to translation problem first, two English translations of the Bible could not fulfill the proper meaning in few religion words.  In 1604, King James I decided to translate the Holy Bible properly and he instructed translators to do this work.

How Many Versions of The Bible Are There?

In the Old Testament of KJV Bible there are 39 versions and in the New Testament of Bible, there are 27 versions of the bible. The Holy Bible has been translated into more than 2000 language. In this post, I will be sharing King James Bible Versions. Continue reading, you will be able to find the link of bible online version and also you will find the link to free download King James bible pdf.

Old Testament Books of The Bible

Old testament bible has 39 books in total. Each book has different chapters. People love to read kings in the bible old testament series. Here I will share you with all of the Holy Bible Old Testament books.

  1. Genesis (50 Chapters)
  2. Exodus (40 Chapters)
  3. Leviticus (27 Chapters)
  4. Numbers (36 Chapters)
  5. Deuteronomy (34 Chapters)
  6. Joshua (24 Chapters)
  7. Judges (21 Chapters)
  8. Ruth (4 Chapters)
  9. 1 Samuel (31 Chapters)
  10. 2 Samuel (24 Chapters)
  11. 1 Kings (22 Chapters)
  12. 2 Kings (25 Chapters)
  13. 1 Chronicles (29 Chapters)
  14. 2 Chronicles (36 Chapters)
  15. Ezra (10 Chapters) (a)
  16. Nehemiah (13 Chapters)
  17. Esther (10 Chapters)
  18. Job (42 Chapters)
  19. Psalms (150 Chapters)
  20. Proverbs (31 Chapters)
  21. Ecclesiastes (12 Chapters)
  22. The Song of Solomon (8 Chapters)
  23. Isaiah (66 Chapters)
  24. Jeremiah (52 Chapters)
  25. Lamentations (5 Chapters)
  26. Ezekiel (48 Chapters)
  27. Daniel (12 Chapters) (d)
  28. Hosea (14 Chapters)
  29. Joel (3 Chapters)
  30. Amos (9 Chapters)
  31. Obadiah (1 Chapter)
  32. Jonah (4 Chapters)
  33. Micah (7 Chapters)
  34. Nahum (3 Chapters)
  35. Habakkuk (3 Chapters)
  36. Zephaniah (3 Chapters)
  37. Haggai (2 Chapters)
  38. Zechariah (14 Chapters)
  39. Malachi (4 Chapters)

These are the complete list of King James Old Testament Bible. You will be able to download old testament bibles in pdf format. Just click on the name of any book and you will get the old testament bible pdf. 

New Testament Books of The Bible

New Testament Bible is now popular as the new King James version or new King James bible pdf. In this section of this post, I will share you with all the new testament chapters of NKJV Bible.

  1. Matthew (total 28 chapters)
  2. Mark (total 16 chapters)
  3. Luke (total 21 chapters)
  4. John (total 21 chapters)
  5. Acts (total 28 chapters)
  6. Romans (total 16 chapters)
  7. 1 Corinthians (total 16 chapters)
  8. 2 Corinthians (total 13 chapters)
  9. Galatians (total 6 chapters)
  10. Ephesians (total 6 chapters)
  11. Philippians (total 4 chapters)
  12. Colossians (total 4 chapters)
  13. 1 Thessalonians (total 5 chapters)
  14. 2 Thessalonians (total 3 chapters)
  15. 1 Timothy (total 6 chapters)
  16. 2 Timothy (total 4 chapters)
  17. Titus (total 3 chapters)
  18. Philemon (total 1 chapters)
  19. Hebrews (total 13 chapters)
  20. James (total 5 chapters)
  21. 1 Peter (total 5 chapters)
  22. 2 Peter (total 3 chapters)
  23. 1 John (total 5 chapters)
  24. 2 John (total 1 chapters)
  25. 3 John (total 1 chapters)
  26. Jude (total 1 chapters)
  27. Revelation (total 22 chapters)

The New Testament is a collection of writings by early Christians, believed to be mostly Jewish disciples of Christ, written in first-century Koine Greek. Whatever, verses from the bible helps a man a lot. I shared all these information to help people to know more about the Holy Bible. Here all the link of free download King James Version Pdf and KJV bible versions pdf.

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