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Thomas Hobbes Leviathan Pdf ePub

The Leviathan is a book by Thomas Hobbes. Thomas Hobbes leviathan was published in 1651 and the name is derived from different religious books. The meaning of Leviathan is something like a powerful sea dragon referenced in the Book of Isaiah, Hebrew Bible, Book of Enoch, and many more.

the leviathan pdf
Thomas Hobbes Leviathan

The Leviathan Summary

A crowned giant emerges from the landscape, clutching a sword (a symbol of earthly power) and a crosier (a symbol of Church power) on The leviathan pdf. The torso and arms of this colossus are composed of over 300 humans. Shows how the people are represented by their contracted leader, who draws his strength from their collective agreement.

Underneath is a quote from the Book of Job:

Non est potestas Super Terram quae Comparetur ei‘ (‘There is no power on earth to be compared with him’)

This links the figure to the biblical monster, mentioned in Job, that Hobbes’s book is named after.

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Details Of The Leviathan

Name Of the Novel: The Leviathan.
Author: Thomas Hobbes.
Country: England.
Language: English.
Genre: Political philosophy.
Publication date: 1651.
Download File Type: Pdf, ePub, Mobi, azw3.

Thomas Hobbes leviathan pdf Download

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