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Download Tales Of The Alhambra Pdf Washington Irving

Tales Of The Alhambra Pdf

Tales of the Alhambra is a collection of essays, verbal sketches, and stories by Washington Irving. The Alhambra pdf: a series of tales and sketches of the Moors and Spaniards was published in May 1832 in the United States by publishers Lea & Carey and concurrently in England by Henry Cliburn, and attributed to “Geoffrey Crayon”. Consisting of a series of essays and short fiction pieces, it was referred to as his “Spanish Sketch Book“. Shortly after the book’s publication, Irving returned to New York after a 17-year absence from the United States.

Tales Of The Alhambra

Tales Of The Alhambra Summary

Shortly after completing a biography of Christopher Columbus in 1828, Washington Irving traveled from Madrid, where he had been staying, to Granada, Spain. At first sight, he described it as “a most picturesque and beautiful city, situated in one of the loveliest landscapes that I have ever seen.” Irving was preparing a book called A Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada, a history of the years 1478–1492, and was continuing his research on the topic. He immediately asked the then-governor of the historic Alhambra Palace as well as the archbishop of Granada for access to the palace, which was granted because of Irving’s celebrity status. Aided by a 35-year-old guide named Mateo Ximenes, Irving was inspired by his experience to write Tales of the Alhambra.

Details Tales Of The Alhambra Pdf Book

Name Of the Novel: Tales Of The Alhambra
Author: Geoffrey Crayon (Washington Irving)
Original title: The Alhambra: a series of tales and sketches of the Moors and Spaniards
Country: United States & United Kingdom (concurrently)
Language: English
Subject: Spanish history, the Alhambra
Genre: Travel literature
Publisher: Carey & Lea, Henry Colburn
Publication date: 1832 (revised 1851)
Media type: Print: hardback octavo
Pages: 607, in two volumes
Dewey Decimal
Book Type: Pdf / ePub

Download Tales Of The Alhambra by Washington Irving Pdf Book

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